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The SailingApp is Live! – Download the Sailing App Now

  • The Features of The Sailing App

    SailingApp contains 100’s of Sailing and Boating Topics, Sailing Specific Tools, GPS Features in easy-to-find, alphabetical order. From Anchors to Zephyrs each Topic has valuable content described in detail that anyone can understand and apply. All the Topics and information has been acquired from decades of ocean tested techniques and sailing experience. Built for Sailors by Sailors! Read more…

  • The Benefits of The Sailing App

    We are sailors just like you that got tired of downloading multiple sailing apps with bits and pieces of info. So we decided to create The SailingApp that contains all of the information and tools you need in one app, on the water or right at home! The SailingApp consolidates multiple functions of other applications into one, easy-to-use resource, that will grow and improve with every “Real Time” update. Great displays on all iOS & Android devices and even on your home computer, this is a great benefit.

  • Celebrating Our Anniversary with Deals & Discounts!

    The SailingApp is Celebrating its Anniversary with Deals, Discounts, and Fresh Updates. Get the Latest Version, 2.6.0, individually designed for each device, iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, & Tablets. We are constantly adding New Content in “Real Time” so the latest info is right at your fingertips.You will find discounted Bare Boat Charters, Hard Goods, Money Saving Tips, How-To’s, & more, all in The SailingApp!

SailingApp Update for: Sunday, August 2nd, 2015Download from iTunes HERE.