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The SailingApp is Live! – Download the Sailing App

  • The Features of The Sailing App

    SailingApp contains over 40 must-have topic categories for sailors in easy-to-find, alphabetical order. You will also find several sailing tools and calculators that eliminate the need to switch from one app to another to get the information you need in real time! Read more…

  • The Benefits of The Sailing App

    We are sailors just like you – who got tired of downloading lame apps and decided to create a sailing app that contained all of the information and tools you need when out on the water or planning a future cruise. This first release consolidates several functions into one, easy-to-use resource that will grow and improve with every future update.

  • Become a Founder!

    There’s good reason to be one of the first sailors to buy our app. You will be designated a “Founder,” and will be protected from any future upgrade costs. Look for more benefits granted solely to Founders soon. Once the Android version launches the countdown to the end of our Founders period will begin.

SailingApp Update for: Thursday, April 24th, 2014Download from iTunes HERE.
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